Cash registers can inquire tax liability for e-invoice/e-archive operations by means of the tax ID number, send the invoicing details to the Cash Registering Devices (CRD), and give the voucher to the customer for information purposes.Then, the transaction is recorded in the e-invoice integrator of the enterprise, if any, or directly in its ERP. In case of non-availability of any e-invoice/e-archive integration of the enterprise, all cash registers can be connected to a single regular printer to be positioned inside the shop, and invoices can be printed in 1 page-3 copies.


Print method:
Directly thermal line printing
Dot Density: 512/576 dot lines
Print Speed: 250 mm /sec
Print Width: 79.5+/-0.5 mm
Interface: Serial, USB, Ethernet
Paper Thickness: 0.06~0.08 mm
Compatible with ESC/POS
Easy loading

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