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Such terms and conditions consist of the below-given additional matters:

Provision of Information, and Waiver

Any and all information, images, logos and icons about this Website or regarding Intervet, as well as its branches, subsidiaries, products and services on this Website, either as is or as they are kept, have been provided in order not to serve for any special purpose or violate any agreement, including but not limited to the commercial laws referred herein, without any implied or expressed guarantee or representation. Intervet or its branches, affiliates, subsidiaries or employees may not be held liable for any and all direct, indirect, special, consequential or any other damages/losses, including but not limited to any access to, or use of this Website, or use of any material, information, opinion or recommendation provided on this Website, in spite of the fact that any and all information on this Website have been drawn up in good faith in order to provide information on Intervet, as well as its products and services.

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Financial Data

The hard-copy versions, drawn up in writing, of any and all financial data on this Website such as annual reports and financial statements shall be deemed applicable, only.

Product Information

This website may include information about any product that is not available or marketed under a different trademark in your country. Additionally; safety and efficiency information or terms of use of any product may be different in line with the terms & conditions prevailing across your region.

Intervet may change the product data sheets from time to time, and shall not assume any liability for any matter to arise from use of any print-out of outdated data sheets.

Intellectual Property

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a. You can download or print any material on this Website for your personal and non-commercial purposes, or for information or personal use purposes.

b. You can send any information on this Website to any third party for non-commercial purposes in order to ensure that they are informed thereof, to the extent that you shall indicate that the contents are provided by Intervet, and that these terms & conditions shall be applicable on them, and also that they shall be required to comply with, and observe such terms & conditions.

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Furthermore, as expressed explicitly herein above, nothing herein, including but not limited to any license or right or copyright whatsoever or any such other intellectual property rights with respect to the information, data, products and services mentioned herein above, may be construed to be of contestable nature.