Current situation: Enterprises perform the transactions through one-piece cash registers while they perform the credit card transactions through EFT POS devices with external connection.
New situation: As per the communiqués promulgated by the Revenue Administration; transactions of all 3rd party applications such as credit cards and meal cards are required to be performed through the new-generation cash registers while it is sufficient for the other environmental units to connect to, and communicate with the new-generation cash registers in accordance with these communiqués (through GMP3 protocol and identification).

EchoPOS has connected the Cash Registering Devices (CRD) to the PCPOS hardware set and the back offices of the enterprises, and thus, developed an easy-to-manage, easy-to-use, flexible, competitive and end-to-end integrated sales and payment systems solution thanks to the new-generation smart software architecture


Central Processing Unit: 32 Bit, 450 Mhz
Memory: 64 MB RAM / 128 MB Flash (up to 32GB)
Wire Communication: 3xUSB, RS232, Drawer port, Ethernet
Keyboard: On-screen pop-up keyboard with 4 X 4 keys – 18 function keys
Video player: Yes
Thermal Printer: 18 Lines/Sec. – 50mm Paper Roll – 30 meters
Power Supply: 12 V 2,5A
Mechanic: 50 km
Dimensions & Weight: 215,5 x 144,6 x 700 mm. 694 Grams
Operating Temperature Range: Between -10° and +45°
Storing Temperature Range: Between -20° and + 55°
Power Supply: 48 V – 320 Amp/h
Barcode reader: External barcode reader can be installed.
ECU memory capacity: 3 Million lines
PLU number: 100.000

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