This Non-Disclosure Agreement is hereby drawn up and executed in order to set out the terms & conditions in relation to provision of information and services offered by Echopos Services to you, our valuable users. The Website of Echopos Services shall be referred to as the “site”, and any person who provides information, uses or accesses to this Website, in any manner whatsoever, shall be referred to as the “user” hereunder. Every user, accessing this Site or filling in the forms on this Website, shall be deemed to have read, and acknowledged any and all terms and conditions prescribed under the “Non-Disclosure Agreement” and the “Terms of Use”.

Echopos may use any and all information, collected from the visitors, in order to conduct any and all kinds of analyses. Echopos Services may disclose such information to its business partners. However; the any e-mail or other personal details shall not be disclosed to any business partner, company, entity or any other organization, without obtaining the consent of the user for such purpose.

Echopos Services shall not publish e-mail, full name, telephone number or any other information, provided during sign-up, of any registered or guest user, and it shall not disclose the same to any business partner, company, entity or any other organization unless otherwise specified by the user.

Unless provided voluntarily by you, any personally identifiable information of you (e.g.: full name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) (“personal information”) shall not be collected by our Site. If you provide your personal information on the site, Echopos Services shall store such information in order to perform marketing activities, conduct market surveys, to monitor the sales information, and to reach you in future. If you provide your personal information to us although they are not requested, you shall be deemed to have granted your consent for use of such information, as specified on this site.

Echopos Services shall disclose your personal information to any third person only in below-given cases in accordance with the statutory procedures.

  • In case of any such request, in writing, raised by the legal authorities, your any and all personal information, recorded with Echopos Services, may be viewed by you, only, in accordance with the terms and conditions you have acknowledged under the Terms of Use, in order to protect and defense the property rights of Echopos Services.

Such information may not be sold, rented out, or exchanged with any other institution or organization in any manner whatsoever.  They may not be disclosed to any third party under any circumstances whatsoever, except for the cases provided hereunder. Echopos Services shall take every measure possible to fulfill the terms & conditions warranted by the same hereunder.

Any and all information, collected by Echopos Services, shall be stored on a secured medium which is not publicly accessible. Echopos Services employs any and all kinds of industrial standards to protect any and all information stored on such media. However; it may not provide any guarantee with respect to safety-related matters.

You shall be entitled to update or change your personal information, provided during sign-up, at any time. If you fail to observe this “Non-Disclosure Agreement” and “Terms of Use”, Echopos Services shall be entitled to delete or suspend your subscription.

Due to the nature of Internet, information might circulate on Internet or used by any unauthorized person without any satisfactory security measure. Echopos Services shall not assume any liability for such use or any damage/loss to arise therefrom.

In some cases, your non-personal information may be collected. The type of Internet browser utilized by you, or your operating system, or the domain name of the site, accessed by you via any link or announcement on our site, might serve as an example to the foregoing information.

When you visit our site, some information might be placed in your computer. Such information shall be in the form of cookie or of any similar type, and they shall be helpful for us in several aspects. For example; cookies will enable us to arrange all sites and advertisements in line with your fields of interest and preferences. The options of deleting cookies from your hard disk, preventing storing of cookies in your computer, or receiving a warning message before storing of cookies are available in almost all Internet browsers. Please see the help files and use information of your browser to obtain further information.

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Echopos Services hereby reserves its right to change any and all kinds of information contained hereunder. Use of this site by any user shall be deemed that any and all kinds of arrangements and changes under the “Non-Disclosure Agreement” have been acknowledged by the respective user.