Echo Bilgi Yonetim Sistemleri A.S. comprehends the quality expectations and dreams of its customers deeply by means of developing and up-to-date technologies leveraging on its vision, and continuously develops its products and processes in the value chain, and develops and installs easy-to-purchase, useable and reliable products, and provides post-sales services. It always aims to act a leading role in the field of business.

Accordingly; Echopos adopted the below-given matters as its Quality Policy:

  • To be a reliable and preferred company with an approach to satisfy all needs and expectations of its customers fully in all processes,
  • To keep up with, and apply the technological developments to decrease its costs and increase its profitability,
  • To value team-work and increase the level of quality continuously in order to turn all its employees into more competent persons who are capable of maximizing their capabilities in accordance with the quality systems,
  • To organize trainings to encourage innovative and creative approaches, and to boost technical and behavioral competencies,
  • To develop its employees continuously with an approach focused on human, and to create a corporate culture which values quality awareness and interrogative perspective in all actions taken,
  • To establish a level of awareness with respect to quality, environment and occupational safety in all employees,
  • To act in confidential cooperation with all suppliers,
  • To develop the most appropriate, the truest and the most economical solutions in the fastest way, preventing any imperfection to arise in future,
  • To complete every project perfectly on time by means of the advanced techniques, in line with the preferred quality,
  • To be a company which shows respect to its own society and environment, and serves as a model,
  • To develop its business volume continuously, providing contribution to the national economy,
  • To achieve corporate and unit targets with a team spirit based on our idea of Total Quality,
  • To review our business procedures with a self-assessment process and determine the proactive actions to improve our performance,
  • To increase the level of efficiency in all processes up to a level required to be competitive on international basis, in line with the aim of continuous development.