Established in cooperation with Aktif Bank and Robotpos with 100% domestic capital, Echo Bilgi Yönetim Sistemleri A.Ş., succesfully carried out more than 5000 cash register installation and service provider since it went into action.

ECHOPOS held its first large-scale meeting in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Istanbul in February. Echopos met with all of its stakeholders in the event where be explained the rules of the regional/dealer structuring will increase the service quality.

Echopos General Manager Burhan YILDIZ passed along brand positions and enter to Turkey sector of ECHOPOS in the opening speech.

In the continuation of the meeting, Business Development and Innovation Director, Nevzat Aslan,  started his speech by giving information about the formation, brand identity.  vision and mission of EchoPOS.

He specified that EchoPOS is positioning itself as a ”Next Generation Solution Partner’’ rather than a company that offers automation systems for the retail sector and emphasized its focus on technology and digital transformation.

After the presentations,as the EchoPOS family were completed the event with an office visit and a pleasant dinner.